VAFT – Video Art Festival Turku • 23.-27.5.2018 • Turku, Finland | I SEE YOU I see you is a site-specific media installation work combined with drawing performance by visual artist Johanna Sinkkonen. The work comment on the time in which we are under constant scrutiny but also the time when a person becomes easily invisible. The venue is Bar Ö and the Turku Main Library, May 25th 2018 at 4pm-7pm.

The Turku Artists’ Association’s Summer Exhibition 2018 | Led-screen of Turku City Theatre The Turku Artists’ Association’s summer exhibition will be seen on the led-screen of Turku City Theatre. The exhibition introduces artworks from 48 member artists and it consists of for example paintings, photographs and graphic art.

The exhibition displays art works from the following artists: Vesa Aaltonen, Erika Adamsson, Anna Aho, Camilla Björkman, Bela Czitrom, Annika Dahlsten, Juha Allan Ekholm, Markku Haanpää, Saija Hairo, Sini-Meri Hedberg, Marjatta Holma, Sara Ilveskorpi, Kristina Isaksson, Nanna Jalkanen, Sanna Kananoja, Petra Kallio, Ollipekka Kangas, Harri Kemppainen, Annika Kivi, Aino Kivisaari, Keanne van de Kreeke, Lena Kuivisto, Minna Maija Lappalainen, Renja Leino, Mari Metsämäki, Jani Helge Muurinen, Eliisa Määttälä, Pirjo Niemenrinne, Riikka Niittonen, Kauko Nissilä, Maarit Nissilä, Reija Palo-oja, Marjatta Peräläinen, Minna Poikonen, Jarkko Rantanen, Hilja Roivainen, Margarita Rosselló Ramón, Sinikka Salmi, Heli Sammalisto, Mailis Saralehto, Silja Selonen, Kristina Seppänen, Johanna Sinkkonen, Minna Sjöholm, Suvi Toivoniemi, Tiina Vainio, Sanna Vainionpää, Paula Vierikko and Kaisa Villikka.

The Turku Artists’ Association’s summer exhibition is open 29.6.-31.8.2018 every day from 7am to 10pm at Aleksis Kivi Square.

Ruisrock • 6.-8.7.2018 • Turku, Finland | THINK PINK  Artist Johanna Sinkkonen’s environmental artwork Think Pink challenges viewers to look beyond the surface. Composed of the festival’s construction materials, chicken wire, and paint, the piece has been inspired by a plastic flamingo, which has had a long and colorful journey in popular culture from 1950s garden ornaments to casino hotels and 21st century swimming pool toys. 

Think Pink brings together questions related to the problems caused by climate change, and the piece draws comparisons between the border-crossing migration of birds and human migrations. The piece illustrates its time, as its model has done since the 1950s.

ILMIÖ • 28.7.2018 • Turku, Finland | I SEE YOU I see you is a site-specific media installation work combined with drawing performance by visual artist Johanna Sinkkonen. The work comment on the time in which we are under constant scrutiny but also the time when a person becomes easily invisible.

I <3 Turku Pride: EXHIBITIONS 2018 • 31.7. -12.8.2018 • B-Galleria Turku, Finland | Homo Sapiens – Primates Johanna Sinkkonen’s work Homo sapiens – Primates is a series of realistic pencil drawings of penises and vulvas. Below each drawing, there is a sign that says the name and age. This information is supposed to tell what this person is, but does it? The work celebrates human diversity and equality.

Mitäs mitäs mitäs – Alternative Art Fest • 3.-4.8.2018 • Urjala, Finland | AKTIIVIPYÖRÄ (Active Wheel) By combining visual arts, community art and media art, Sinkkonen paints the outer walls of the Mitäs mitäs mitäs -event tents with her work “Active Wheel”. Festival visitors will choose the theme of the painting by rotating the Active Wheel. The Active Wheel is an unique blend of an active model and a lucky wheel. The work is streamed live. 

The Active Wheel will be activated in the Mitäs festival 2018. The Active Wheel works so that the rotator must fulfill the so-called activity condition. The condition is controlled every three minutes. The activity condition is fulfill if the rotator rotates the active wheel so that the wheel makes one round or rotates the active wheel so that the wheel sector changes. If the rotator does not fulfill the activity condition, her/his rotation will be rejected for the next review period. The amount corresponds to one rotation per hour. The rotating is not suitable for voluntary or aide work.

The activity condition does not apply to all rotators. It does not apply to those who receive help with rotating on the grounds of inability or disability, rotates as a family member, or have applied for a rotation pension. The activity condition also does not apply to short-time rotators.

Galleria 3H+K • 25.8.-13.9.2018 • Pori, Finland | I’M ONLY A HUMAN

Kulkulupa 2018 • 8.-9.9.2018 • Fimbul Artist Studio Space Kulkulupa is an open studio event for Artist living and working in Turku, Finland. My studio, Fimbul Artists Studio Space, is a multi-arts studiospace for creative professionals in Turku. It is located at the old army barrack up on Pääskyvuori. Come by to see my making-of works for the upcoming exhibition! There will also be some art and posterts for sale. See you at Fimbul Artist Studio Space, Pääskyvuorenrinne 1, 20610 Turku Finland.

Galleria 2 • 10.1.-28.1.2019 • Pirkkala, Finland | I’M ONLY A HUMAN