Artist in residence
18.11 – 2.12.2019 Arigatee (Tougenkyo Art Festival 2020), Kitaibaraki Japan
4.12 – 17.12.2019 Lumier Center, Tsushima Japan

14.12.-15.12.2019 10am-4pm
Meritalon museon joulumyyjäiset 2019
Moisionkatu 18, 24100 Salo
Christmas Market at Meritalon museo!
The event will create an art-filled, sensuous and heart-warming path to Christmas, offering the public an opportunity to find unique ways to remember their loved ones, while also providing an opportunity to explore local art and culture.

Tougenkyo Art Festival 2020, Kitaibaraki Japan

My residency project in Arigatee (Kitaibaraki, Ibaraki Japan) is part of Tougenkyo Art Festival, which is held in several places around Kitaibaraki from 11th of January till 19th of January 2020. ”The one thet lies inside” will be exhibited in Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki.
140cm x 150cm
Ryijy (Finnish rug) made of welded, polished and lacquered metal, textile surplus and rope⁣
My residency project was a place- and context-based art project partly held in community art workshops. The idea was to create a Ryijy- (Finnish rug) from textile surplus and metal pieces. The project was implemented in to two parts; Metal pieces were made in Turku (Finland) and the Ryijy (Finnish rug) was woven in Arigatee Kitaibaraki (Japan).⁣
The project was shaped by the conditions of the environment and its materiality, as well as the various residents / participants. Coexistence and recycling ideology are key elements of the project. Because some parts of the project were carried out in community art workshops under my guidance, so the outcome could not be influenced.⁣

January 2020
Hidden beauty -exhibition, Arigatee Kitaibaraki Japan

A selection of my Japan – sketches from the time I spent at the artists residence in Arigatee, Kitaibaraki.

Summer 2020
Huoneiden kirja
Turku, Finland