9.4.2019 Tuesday 10am-
Doggo WALK-IN Sketch Tuesday
Gaggui Kaffela, Humalistonkatu 15

I’m only a human -exhibition | Minäkin olen vain ihminen -näyttely
Kaarina-Talo, Lautakunnankatu 1, Kaarina
Vernissage Thursday 2.5. 6pm-8pm | Avajaiset torstaina 2.5. klo 18-20

18.5.2019 Saturday 10am-4pm
Doggo WALK-IN Sketch
Musti ja Mirri, Hovirinnantie 5, Kaarina

I see you
Kesärauha 2019
Johanna Sinkkonen’s site-specific interactive media art performance I see you will be seen for the first time in co-operation with FinFami, an organisation campaigning against the stigmas linked to mental illness. Edited spesific for Kesärauha festival, this media art performans comments ambiguously the time in which we are under constant scrutiny but also the time when a person becomes easily invisible. In her art, Sinkkonen fearlessly combines different fields of art, thus breaking the norms of everything. She creates her art without harming nature or the environment and recycling materials as much as possible. With her art Sinkkonen often ask questions about the environment, equality and caring.

Ruisrock 2019