The One That Lies Inside 2019

The One That Lies Inside
140cm x 150cm
Ryijy (Finnish rug) made of welded, polished and lacquered metal, textile surplus and rope

Made in residency at Arigatee Kitaibaraki, Japan. Watch the making-of video HERE.

My residency project was a place- and context-based art project partly held in community art workshops. The idea was to create a pixelated Ryijy- (Finnish rug) from textile surplus and metal pieces. The project was implemented in to two parts; Metal pieces were made in Turku (Finland) and the Ryijy (Finnish rug) was woven in Arigatee Kitaibaraki (Japan).

The project was shaped by the conditions of the environment and its materiality, as well as the various residents / participants. Coexistence and recycling ideology are key elements of the project. Some parts of the project were carried out in community art workshops under my guidance, so the outcome could not be influenced.

My inspiration came from Kitaibaraki nature and landscape, especially from the tall trees at the mountain. The shape of the Ryijy was inspired by the gates of the Hanazono Shrine. The colors were shaped according to the materials, but the inspiration came from the colors of autumn trees. The idea of using rope came also from Hanazono Shrine. I was intrigued about the way the rope was attached to the trees.

The weeks I spent in Arigatee have really impacted me. In Finland I can see the nature. There, I felt that what I saw was only the tip of the iceberg. That the real nature lies inside those mountains. And the spiritual world that I couldn’t see feld like something bigger than I could comprehend. I felt like I was at the border that separates the realm of Mother Nature from the present world.