Where The Fuck Did All The People Go? 2016

Where The Fuck Did All The People Go?
314cm x 111cm
Mixed media on recycled paper

This mixed media art work deals with the future through climate change and the atmosphere of our society: first the viewer sees a familiar landscape (for Finnish people) that is easy to approach and identify. A more accurate glimpse reveals the wooded island that man has conquered by building a church and four blocks of flats. A closer look, however, shows that the wooded island is full of people who have merged into the forest: a mass that cannot be separated from the trees of the forest. And that the apartment blocks are abandoned, where the ” where the fuck did all the people go?” -graffiti reveals that the inhabitants have been aware of the changes. But in one of the apartment building, there is a window where someone is living. Someone who keeps her daily life, ignoring the issues around, happy for her own well-being. At the same time on the other side of the island nature will continue to grow, though the earth under your feet is melting, changing.