Golden Memories –series created by Johanna Sinkkonen has been generated from sketches made at Ruisrock 2017. Sinkkonen’s quick way of working was filmed from the artist’s perspective and shown on the giant screens next to the festival stages. Whilst sketching the surrounding space, it is most important for her to draw what she sees instead of what she knows.

’’Framing the artworks with massive old golden frames, I place the so-called prestigious art level with the lighter content. My artworks radiate summer, carelessness and joy of the moment. These themes with the heavy golden frames create interesting contrasts and make one think of the momentousness of life and living in the moment. Living in those moments where golden memories are made.’’ Sinkkonen explains. “When you look at the golden frames from a distance they seem so shiny and mystical. The frames symbolize the myth of rock glamor and mythical life, but when you take a deeper look the imperfection and humanity is revealed.

 Here a human is happy –exhibition consists of visual artist Johanna Sinkkonen’s, and photographer and photojournalist Joonas Brandt’s artworks created at Ruisrock in the summer of 2017. Sinkkonen perpetuated moments from the festival by drawing as part of the Ruisrock sideline program. Brandt photographed Ruisrock behind the scenes in places where the usual festival goer won’t normally have access to. Artworks created at Ruisrock by Joonas Brandt and Johanna Sinkkonen will be on display at Tiketti Galleria from Thursday 14th September to 14th December. The exhibition will return the viewer to the moods of last summer’s biggest festival in a unique way.