Armadillo | Ruisrock 2019

Armadillo –The Little Armoured One–
Public artwork at Ruisrock 2019

Commissioned by Vantaan Festivaalit Oy. Watch the making-of video HERE.

Armadillo is a mobile desert creature from an apocalyptic future. Armadillo does not like climate change. Instead, Armadillo likes to munch on insects and recommends that people do so too. Under its hard shell, Armadillo is sensitive –little armoured one. The mere existence of the armadillo is a reminder to us why we want to preserve the diversity of nature.

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Work team:
Johanna Sinkkonen / Design, drawings and details of metal structure and welding
Maiju Tainio / Design and details
Nanna Mäkinen & Jutta Lahtinen / Puppeteers