Livestream Sketching | Ruisrock 2017

Livestream Sketching
Ruisrock 2017, Turku Finland

Commissioned by Vantaan Festivaalit Oy

In Ruisrock 2017, I capture the ambiance, views, and moments of the Ruisrock weekend by drawing on site. The drawing process was recorded from my perspective, and the sketching videos was shown on the festival screens throughout the weekend.

On-location drawing has a long history, and during digitalisation it has not received much attention. By combining old and new techniques, I wanted to create something interesting, genuine and surprising.

After Ruisrock, these drawings were exhibited at Tiketti Gallery in Helsinki, along with photographer Joonas Brandts photos. I modified my drawings to mimic my other 2017 festival work Ruisraami, and together with Brandt’s photographs, they build a mini-reportage from summer 2017 Ruisrock. The exhibition was open at Tiketti Gallery from September 14th to November 14th.