Over The Moon 2019

Over The Moon
80cm x 2325cm
Reversible welded and polished recycled steel and painted aluminum

Made in residency at Lumier Center, Tsushima Aichi, Japan. Watch the making-of video HERE.

Site-specific metal relief. The work is double-sided, with a Finnish landscape on one side and a Japanese landscape on the other. The sides are joined by a painted aluminum moon made in advance in Turku, Finland. It was a life-changing experience to be in Japan at an artist residency. Before I left home, I told my self to remember that we are all watching the same moon. This turned out to be a phrase I told myself daily as the days went by. It wasn’t because I was feeling home sick. On the contrary, I did not want to go back home. Over the Moon combines these two worlds that joined in my head and reflects my feelings in so many ways.

The work is done on a recycled steel sheet, with a hint of rust on it. The beauty of this steel sheet also lies in the fact that it had been exposed to heat and therefore had this beautiful deep blue color in it. This gave me a perfect surface to draw by welding. Because I also polished it with a grinder, the metal sheet seems to change color and form depending on how you look at it. Also the amount of daylight changes the surface. It is like a changing landscape where you can always find something new to wonder about. This is something I really learned on my journey. There is always more to it.