ILOkauneus Beauty Salon | Turku, Finland | Bubbles of Joy (Ilon Kuplat) | 2017
MIDAS Goldsmith’s | Turku, Finland | Christmas Window | 2017

Livestream Sketching | Silmänjuhla Salo | 2017 | “Livestream Sketching” combines three dimensions: 1. the place where the drawing takes place, 2. the space which is sketched to the paper, and 3. the spot where the video is projected. On Saturday, September 9, 2017, visual artist Johanna Sinkkonen sketch the urban spaces she views across Salo. The drawing was recorded with the GoPro camera and it was displayed on 10th-15th September, 2017 as a timelapse in the window of Lounaismaa Osuuspankki. This way, people who have been captured at the moment of drawing were able to view the record and experience being a permanent part of the art work.

Ruissalon Kansanpuisto (Ruissalo Community Park) | Turku, Finland | Ruisraami | 2017
RUISRAAMI -triptych| 2017 | 3 x 3500cm x 200cm | Print On Wood With Golden Frames
Ruisrock 2017 | Turku, Finland | Ruisraami

Livestream Sketching | Ruisrock 2017 | Johanna Sinkkonen captured the ambiance, views, and moments of the Ruisrock 2017 weekend by drawing on site. The drawing process was recorded from the artist’s perspective, and the sketching videos were shown on the festival screens throughout the weekend.

Forum Shopping Center | Turku, Finland | Here Or on the Other Side? (Täl vai Tois Puol?) | 2015
Gaggui Kaffela | Turku, Finland | Where´s My Dinner? (Pinja) | 2014